Cleaning Up Those Ooey, Gooey, Gloppy, Halloween Messes

One of the scariest parts about Halloween is the frightening mess that’s always left behind. Between the pranksters toilet papering your trees and chucking eggs at your house, to the ooey gooey candy and pumpkin leavings and makeup left behind on the carpet, cleaning up can take the fun out of the holiday for mom or dad (mostly mom). Well, you don’t need to dread Halloween’s ghoulish aftermath anymore thanks to the following quick, easy and cheap ways to clean up those ooey, gooey, gloppy Halloween messes.
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Bathroom Cleaning Tip

This tip serves a purpose that most people are to shy to talk about, but would love a solution for – so here goes. Our bathroom cleaner smells so amazing that you can actually use it as an air freshener and bowl cleaner in one. Keeping a bottle handy, spray the inside of the toilet bowl before you “go” and it will perform a double “doody”, masking the smell with its fresh scent, it will make cleaning the toilet easier at the same time. See, that wasn’t so hard to talk about right?


How to Kill Germs Naturally

From colds and flu to potentially deadly bacterial infections, there’s always something health related reported on the news these days and in most cases, they’re health issues that could be addressed by properly cleaning your living environment and carefully handling food. Based on the common health issues that germs cause, there are a number of products on the market that claim to do away with germs, bacteria and viruses. Unfortunately a lot of these cleaning products come with their own set of toxic dangers which is why it makes sense to look for natural cleaning alternatives.

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