Healthiest Vegetables to Supercharge Your Health

The following nutrient rich vegetables are considered some of the top choices when it comes to being the healthiest. Each offers a long list of benefits including helping you feel more energetic, fight disease and even lose weight. So – go ahead, fill your plate and supercharge your health. We’re even including a tasty (and easy) recipe or cooking suggestion to try with each vegetable listed.
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Kid Friendly Healthy Green Smoothie

Mothers constantly worry about their children’s diets; they realize how important it is to feed their kids healthy foods, but they’re just not sure if they’re getting enough of what they need. The good news is that there are a lot of quick and easy ways to get your kids to eat healthier foods, including whipping up a yummy smoothie that tastes more like dessert. Here’s a healthy “green” smoothie that your kids (and you) will love!


1 cup of frozen mixed berries
1 cup of frozen strawberries
1 banana
1 cup skim or 1% milk
1 cup of fruit juice (your favorite organic mixed fruit juice, V8 Fusion, etc.)
1/4 cup of fresh baby spinach


Just toss everything into the blender and blend until smooth.
Enjoy – it’s Delish!

A great way to get your child not to turn up their nose to a “green” smoothie is to let them participate in the preparation, from encouraging them to help pick out ingredients at the grocery store, to tossing everything in the blender and whipping it up. You could make it even more fun by buying some fun straws and adding a little whipped cream (a healthy version) with a fresh strawberry on top. To add even more “green” food to the mix, over time, add in a bit more fresh vegetables. Before you know it, you and the kiddos will be getting a hearty days’ worth of healthy veggies in the shape of a delicious, kid friendly smoothie.

Is That Lovely Scent Toxic?

Are you aware that just about anything that is scented more than likely contains hormone disrupting chemicals called phthalates, unless the products manufacturer specifically states that theirs only contains pure essential oils. As a matter of fact, phthalates, typically used in plastics, are also found is cosmetics, acting as toxin laden lubricators. Unfortunately, you probably won’t see the word “phthalates” listed on the label because they’re usually listed as “parfum” or “fragrance”.

Phthalates have been linked to obesity, autism, birth defect, early puberty and other health related issues. Because of the escalating number of disconcerting studies, phthalates are in the process of being phased out of numerous children’s products, including toys. In the United States, three phthalates, DEHP, DBP, and BBP, were temporarily restricted in any amount higher than 0.1%, in toys that a young child might commonly be place in their mouth. In Europe, the use of Phthalates in toys has been highly restricted since 1999.

Bottom line, it pays to choose a natural option, containing essential oils, when it comes to scented products, including household cleansers and perform due diligence when it comes to products and toys you purchase for your child as well.

Benefits of Taking a Bath with Epsom Salt

Is your arthritis acting up? Did you pull a calf muscle running? Well, the good news is you don’t have to wait to find relief thanks to a natural treatment grandma used to prescribe – taking a bath with Epsom salt. Yes, just a relaxing soak in the tub can help you feel better. This all natural, pure mineral compound has been used to ease all types of aches and pains for hundreds of years. Taking Epsom salt baths actually does much more than relieving pain – it has a long list of remarkable health benefits.

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