Best Essential Oils for Summer

There are lots of great ways to include your favorite essential oils in your summer routine. You can use essential oils to help you relax before traveling, to create a soothing spritz to help keep you cool or to soothe your skin after spending too much time by the pool. Essential oils can also help you release stress so that you can enjoy a restorative getaway. If you’re new to essential oils, here are a few recommendations that are great for summer.
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Top Reasons to Switch to Microfiber Cleaning Tools

When it comes to cleaning, microfiber is one of the most important product inventions of the century. There are several benefits that come with switching to microfiber including that fact that it’s eco-friendly, helping reduce the world’s contribution to the waste stream and the use of harmful chemicals. Read on to find out more about the benefits of microfiber.

Easy to Use and More Efficient

Cleaning flooring and other surfaces with a microfiber mop is easier, more efficient and less strenuous than using sponge mops or rags and even cleans better. You won’t need to lift as much weight because, even when wet, a microfiber mop is much lighter. No more of the hardcore rinsing and wringing out process that comes with using a heavy mop because only a minimal amount of water is used. You won’t have to find a place to stick your wet mop – sponge or loop after you’re finished cleaning either. Just take the microfiber pad off (they typically Velcro on), rinse, wring out and air dry. Microfiber is also machine washable.

Will Save You Money

Even though the initial purchase may cost a bit more than standard mops, microfiber versions can last ten times longer. In addition, you won’t have to spend money on cleaning solutions (usually full of chemicals) because microfiber mops do a great job of cleaning using only water. What most people don’t realize is that water alone will eliminate 98 to 99% of all dust, dirt, hair, germs and microparticles that are typically hard to reach with traditional mops. Microfiber pads are durable as well, unlike flimsy disposable versions.


You can safely clean your floors and other surfaces with microfiber, meaning you won’t need to worry about scratching any kind of surfaces. Microfiber is also lint free.

There Isn’t a Better Way to Clean

The distinctive design of microfiber makes it exceptionally effective for cleaning all types of surfaces, including laminate and hardwood floors, porcelain, linoleum, ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble tile and more. Not only do microfiber mops make cleaning easier, you’ll achieve a perfectly clean surface every time. You can use it dry to sweep and dust and wet to clean all types of flooring. You can also use a microfiber mop to wash hard to reach places (windows, the roof of the car, etc.). You’ll appreciate the convenience of being able to clean and reuse the microfiber pads and how easy the cleaning process is. Most impressive of all is that fact that you’ll probably enjoy hundreds of uses.

If you’re ready to make the switch to microfiber, check out our microfiber mop. Our EasySlide microfiber mop’s design incorporates a durable telescoping handle and a maneuverable flat, rectangular-shaped head. Its low profile mop frame, along with our exclusive EasySlide mechanism makes it “easy” to fit under hard to reach places like appliances and furniture. The reusable microfiber mop pads are nice and thick and attach to the frame with heavy duty Velcro. We’re sure you’ll appreciate the results.

Pure Care’s microfiber mop makes it easy to clean smarter, not harder, providing chemical free cleaning and a streakless shine.

Did you know that cleaning your floors with conventional floor cleaners can compromise your health? A study carried out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined that indoor levels of pollutants, including styrene, chloroform, and formaldehyde, range between 2 to 50 times higher indoors than outdoors, due in part to the use of conventional household cleaning products. Consider this – when you clean your floor using these cleaning products, you’re basically just spreading potentially toxic chemicals all over the largest surface area of your household. A surprising number of floor cleaning ingredients include toxins that can cause allergic reactions, respiratory infections, coughing, dizziness and even a loss of concentration. The fact is that these cleaning products aren’t even necessary. With the right floor cleaning tools, you can efficiently clean your floors without using harsh chemicals, wet (just use water with a few drops of dish soap) or dry.

Can Housework Really Keep Seniors Emotionally and Physically Fit?

According to a 2015 study carried out at Case Western Reserve University school of nursing, older adults who keep their homes clean and tidy have a tendency to feel better both emotionally and physically than those that lived a sedentary lifestyle. Why? Because doing housework kept them up, moving and happy.

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