Best Essential Oils for Summer

Best Essential Oils for Summer

There are lots of great ways to include your favorite essential oils in your summer routine. You can use essential oils to help you relax before traveling, to create a soothing spritz to help keep you cool or to soothe your skin after spending too much time by the pool. Essential oils can also help you release stress so that you can enjoy a restorative getaway. If you’re new to essential oils, here are a few recommendations that are great for summer.


This essential oil scent will help keep you fresh and cool during the summer months. It also works as a great antibacterial oil and can help energize you when humidity leaves you feeling sluggish.


Citrus essential oils are refreshing and have reviving qualities. Yellow and red mandarin and sweet orange are popular choices because they’re the safest for use with sensitive skin when it comes to exposure to the sun. An additional benefit is that they blend nicely with spearmint. Other great citrus scents include tangerine, bergamot, lemon, lime, and grapefruit.


This amazing all-purpose essential oil can be used as a pain reliever, muscle relaxant, an antibacterial for burns and wounds, as a topical treatment for dry skin, insect bites, eczema and more.


One of the best balancing essential oils for the skin and mood is a geranium. As much as most of us love the summer months, it’s also when the skin starts have problems thanks to the overproduction of oil and sweat. Geranium essential oil addresses this problem thanks to its soothing and cleansing abilities.Lavender is an essential oil that mixes well with Geranium, both for its beautiful scent and its cooling and cleansing benefits.


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