How Hand Washing Dishes Improves Kid’s Immune System

How Hand Washing Dishes Improves Kid’s Immune System

I don’t know about you, but in our household growing up, the kids in the family did the dishing by hand, one washing and one drying. Well, according to an interesting new study, it turns out that hand washing dishes improves the immune system. While this might not thrill the young ones, this new study gives parents even more incentive to have them do the dishes.

According to a study carried out at the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, washing the dishes by hand might help curb modern-day health problems including the escalating rates of childhood allergies. The study, involving 1,029 Swedish children between the ages of 7 or 8, found that those with parents who had them wash the dishes the old fashioned way were considerably less prone to develop eczema, and relatively less likely to develop hay fever and allergic asthma, thanks to an improved immune system.

The researchers, including Dr. Bill Hesselmar, an allergist at the university, said they believe that washing dishes by hand doesn’t clean them as well as a dishwashing machine does. The fact is, that’s actually a good thing because by exposing the family to bacteria, the study shows that it actually improves the immune system and helps protect against allergies and more. Families who wash their dishes by hand in many cases have various other lifestyle variables that play a role in a lower allergy risk, including a busy, crowded household, immigration status and a lower economic status.

The Swedish study findings are the most recent to back the hygiene hypothesis, a still-developing frame of thought that’s been generating momentum over the past few years. The hypothesis indicates that children growing up in developed countries are living in environments that are far too clean as a result of a variety of trends that include hand sanitizers and not spending enough time outdoors or with animals. As a consequence, children aren’t exposed to as much bacteria and various other microorganisms, depriving their immune systems of the opportunity to be prepared to identify microbial as bacterial friends or enemies. The end result of living in a pristine environment is a weakened immune system that’s most likely going to overreact, leading to health issues that include asthma, allergies, and eczema. A good example would be what happens to traveler’s from highly developed country’s that visit underdeveloped countries and experience intestinal issues – you’ve heard the “don’t drink the water” saying before. There just might be something to the suggestion that wash dishes the old school way can boost the immune system.

The Importance of Using an All Natural Dish Soap

While hand washing dishes can improve your kids, and your immune system make sure to use a good all natural dish soap. Some of the many toxins found in non-organic dish soap include formaldehyde, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, acrylates, coloring agents and genetically altered organisms. The harmful effects that can be caused by these chemicals can be toxic and can cause allergic reactions. Strangely enough – none of these chemicals are helpful when it comes to cleaning dishes. Our soap berry dish soap is all natural, right down to the lovely scent and rich, luxurious bubbles. An added benefit of using our soap berry dish soap is that it provides a chemical-free dishwashing experience that even your kids will enjoy.



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