Is That Lovely Scent Toxic?

Is That Lovely Scent Toxic?

Are you aware that just about anything that is scented more than likely contains hormone disrupting chemicals called phthalates, unless the products manufacturer specifically states that theirs only contains pure essential oils. As a matter of fact, phthalates, typically used in plastics, are also found is cosmetics, acting as toxin laden lubricators. Unfortunately, you probably won’t see the word “phthalates” listed on the label because they’re usually listed as “parfum” or “fragrance”.

Phthalates have been linked to obesity, autism, birth defect, early puberty and other health related issues. Because of the escalating number of disconcerting studies, phthalates are in the process of being phased out of numerous children’s products, including toys. In the United States, three phthalates, DEHP, DBP, and BBP, were temporarily restricted in any amount higher than 0.1%, in toys that a young child might commonly be place in their mouth. In Europe, the use of Phthalates in toys has been highly restricted since 1999.

Bottom line, it pays to choose a natural option, containing essential oils, when it comes to scented products, including household cleansers and perform due diligence when it comes to products and toys you purchase for your child as well.


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