Make Your Holidays Happier with These House Cleaning Tips

Make Your Holidays Happier with These House Cleaning Tips

Let’s face it – the holidays can be a bit stressful, especially when it comes to entertaining. It’s even more so if your home isn’t always spic and span (whose is?). You’ll be happy to know that the following tips will help you breeze through your holiday house cleaning, leaving you with the time to be the life of the party.


First Thing’s First

Remember, you don’t have to do all the holiday preparations by yourself. Get the family involved, go over the plan, and assign chores. Simply getting started can be motivating. Just grab some boxes and work your way through each room of your home, filling them with any décor you don’t need out during the holidays. This can actually be a fun process that can involve age-appropriate kids as well. You can do this with miscellaneous clutter too, making it into a game as everyone runs around, picking up unnecessary clutter and putting it in designated boxes. Once a room is decluttered and organized, add a touch of Christmas flair. You’ll feel rewarded by your efforts and you might just want to make your new “decluttering” game a holiday tradition.

The Kitchen

Give the kitchen a thorough cleaning, from the stove tops and range to the top of the refrigerator, to the floors, using a good all-purpose cleaner. With all the holiday cooking, the oven and stovetop may need added attention. In this case, you can make a paste of baking soda and water to scrub away tough, baked on gunk, or spray on some all-purpose cleaner or a combination of dish soap mixed with a bit of water and let it stand for a bit before wiping it clean. Don’t forget to clean off the top of the refrigerator too, in case tall Uncle John decides to stop by for a visit. You’ll also want to make plenty of room for all the tasty holiday party foods, sparkling cider, Nog, and champagne. Don’t forget to wipe down all of the kitchen cabinets and small appliances too, clean out the dish drainers, kitchen sink and toss some lemon slices down the garbage disposal and run it to help eliminate odors. A squirt of nicely scented dish soap down the disposal does a good job as well. Starting the holidays off with a clean slate will help make the unavoidable mess a lot less overwhelming.

Deep Clean Your Bathrooms

Whatever you do, don’t forget to give special attention to one of the most important rooms in your home – the bathrooms. Invest in a good bathroom cleaner and wipe down all the surfaces, including the medicine cabinet (yet, guests will look in there) and don’t forget to break out a good bristle brush for the tough spots.

Curb Appeal

Wash the windows, clean the window screens, polish the door knobs, sweep the sidewalk and entryway and decorate the entry with cheerful holiday touches.

Miscellaneous Touches

Straighten up the coat closet and make extra room for your guest’s coats, adding additional hangers. Dust all surfaces including artwork, Knick knacks, and lamp shades. Oh, and don’t forget those ceiling fans – it’s easy to forget about them and they attract a lot of dust. The day before the party, wash and fluff throw rugs. The day of the party, take a walk through your home with a “visitor’s eye and make any last minute changes.

Preparing your home for the holidays ahead of time using these tips will ensure that you enjoy the festivities as much as everyone else.


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