No Muss No Fuss Cleaning

No Muss No Fuss Cleaning

Tired of spending hours cleaning, eating up your days off washing clothes, dusting, and spot cleaning the carpeting . . . you know what I’m talking about. How great would be to cut your cleaning time in half and spending the afternoon doing whatever it is you want from hitting the beach to lounging on the couch with a good book? Sounds awesome doesn’t it? Well, we’re here to help. We’re always on the lookout for tips and tricks that will make housework easier and here are some of our favorites.

1. Vacuum – a quick and easy pick me up

Okay, this is a no brainier but for a quick cleaning fix; vacuum in between cleanings. It’ll give your home quick, visual pick me up and who knows, it may even motivate you to do something else – how about moving on to the dishes in the sink?

2. Buy a Carryall

The first thing you need to do is buy a carryall to carry all your cleaning supplies. Professional cleaning carryall’s look kind of like the tray of a tool box with a handle and can be found in your local home improvement store. These carryall’s make it easy to take everything with you from room to room.

3. Make a Schedule and Stick to It

Set up a schedule and stick to it. Think of it this way – have you ever heard of a cleaning service that’s business model is showing up to clean on some random weekday? Or one that promises to clean on a specific day and just doesn’t show up? Don’t be that cleaning service. To make sticking to a schedule easier, don’t pick a day that you know might run into conflicting activities (you know the fun ones). Pick a day to clean and stick to it; you’ll get your home cleaned spic and span in record time.

4. One Day at a Time – One Room at a Time

Instead of trying to work your way through your entire home in one day, especially if you have a hectic schedule, clean a room a day (thoroughly). Before you know it, every room will be sparkling clean. Something I do that works for me in between cleanings is to keep a bottle of all-purpose cleaner handy (and a rag or paper towel in the cabinet) and after a shower (or whatever), I spot clean the sink, toilet, shower walls/tub. It only takes a few minutes and my bathroom is always clean.

5. Make Cleaning Fun

Now you really think I’m crazy, but it’s true, you can make it fun, or at least more tolerable. Play your favorite high energy music (or your favorite comedian) while you clean or listen to one of your favorite books on tape. I have to add that what makes cleaning more fun for me is trying out a new cleaning products and if it smells good, that’s even better.

6. Dress for Success – in this case we mean sweats not suits

Put on your comfy clothes and shoes and if you’re going to be on your knees a lot, don’t forget the knee pads. Most important of all, wear gloves (you want to keep those hands baby soft don’t you) and eye protection to protect against chemicals if you are using strong cleaners.

7. A Big Garbage Bag Can Be Your Best Friend

Whip out a good sized garbage bag and toss out the trash, your recyclables and if you have clothes, etc. you don’t want anymore, box them up and donate them – when it doubt, throw it out (unless it’s good enough to donate).

8. Purposeful Cleaning

Clean each room by going in one direction, working your way around the room, right to left, top to bottom. Likewise, start at one end of your home, say the entry, and work your way through your home. You’ll be amazed by how much faster you’ll get the job done by being organized instead of hopping from room to room.

9. Clean the Windowsills First

When it’s time to clean your windows, start by wiping down the window sills first, removing the dust that can end up being flung on the windows as you spray them down. Choose a high quality window cleaning spray (cheap ones can end up leaving smear marks) and clean the windows with paper towels or a good squeegee.

10. Dusting Made Easy

Microfiber dusters are great for dusting just about everything and I love dusters that come with an extended pole that makes it easy to get all those webs on the ceiling and other hard to reach places. 

11. Last But Not Least; we come full circle to the vacuum again

You’ll need to vacuum to get rid of all the crumbs and dust you knocked all over the floor while you cleaned.

“Voila” you’re done! That wasn’t so bad, right? Now, go ahead, reward yourself with a nice hot bubble bath and a nap – You’ve earned it!



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