Safely Cleaning Floors While Pregnant

Safely Cleaning Floors While Pregnant

Doing any household chores requires some extra care while pregnant. Keeping your house neat and tidy is even a struggle during the first trimester thanks to the fatigue and morning sickness that can make performing ordinary tasks difficult. As you continue to carry your growing baby, it's natural to experience an uncomfortable amount of back strain, just from carrying your little bundle of joy around. This is a time when you need to be particularly careful, especially when it comes to cleaning floors. If you exert yourself by trying to lift a bucket of water or moving heavy furniture around, it will increase the strain on your back, even worse, put you at risk of a back injury.

Most doctors recommend that their pregnant patients avoid lifting very heavy weights because they feel that doing so can potentially result in bleeding or even cause a premature rupturing of the amniotic sac and premature labor. Lifting or moving around heavy options can also increase the risk of low birth weight.  Incorrectly lifting heavy objects while pregnant, heavy or not, can end up pulling a muscle, and in severe cases, a hernia.

The EasySlide mop doesn’t require carrying a heavy bucket of water.  All you need to do to get started is simply wet one of the microfiber pads under the tap, and you’re ready to mop!  The exclusive EasySlide mechanism adjusts to help you clean under furniture, providing enough reach to avoid the awkward bending, squatting, or kneeling that can cause potential problems.  Your back will thank you!


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