Soap Berries: Tiny Berries Packed with All Natural Cleaning Benefits

Soap Berries: Tiny Berries Packed with All Natural Cleaning Benefits

Soap berries (or soap nuts) are the tiny dried fruits of the Sapindus mukorossi tree, containing saponin, a natural soap ingredient. Just one soap berry tree yields hundreds of pounds of berries per year. Soap berries are extremely sustainable, falling to the ground in the forests of Indonesia and India, where they’ve been gathered for centuries by people who used them for several purposes. Besides its cleansing abilities, soap berries have a multitude of additional uses including some anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. In liquid form, soap nuts can be used for a number of things besides cleaning laundry which is a common usage.

Here are some of the things this powerful berry has been used for in the liquid form.

Multipurpose Household Cleaner

Soap berry liquid can be used to safely clean kitchens, bathrooms, floors and can be used in portable steam cleaners, leaving your carpet clean, removing both stains and urine smells.

Healthy Plant Wash

If houseplants are covered with dust, it blocks the plant’s capability to photosynthesize. An all natural plant wash made with soap berries offers a healthy and safe way to clean houseplant leaves. Mix 2 tablespoons of soap berry liquid with 1 cup of water and put it in a spray bottle. Then all you need to do is spray the leaves and gently wipe them clean (they’ll love you for it). Soap berry liquid can also keep common houseplant pests at bay. If you’re using the spray to repel pests, also lightly spray the top of the soil.

Mosquito Repellent

Soap berry liquid can be used to repel mosquitos and is gentle and safe enough to use on children (and babies). Just add soap berry liquid to a spray bottle and spray problem mosquito areas.

Safe Cleanser for Produce

Use soap nut liquid to wash away pesticides and chemical sprays from produce. Mix together a half a cup of soap berry liquid with 2 cups of water in a bowl and use it to soak your fruits and vegetables. You can also simply add the liquid to a spray bottle and spray wash the product instead. As always, rinse the fruit and vegetables well before eating.


You can add a bit of your favorite shampoo to soap berry liquid (10 to 1 combination) which will leave your hair feeling even more clean, soft and shiny. If your hair feels a bit dry/stiff after washing, try using a bit less of the soap nut liquid. An added benefit is that this combination has also been known to help remove head lice. In addition, soap berry liquid can be used as a shampoo for pets, leaving their fur nice, soft and huggable.

Liquid Hand Soap

Soap berry liquid makes a great hand soap and while it doesn’t create as much lather as traditional soaps, it does a great job cleaning hands. Use it in a foaming or regular pump bottle.

Soap Berry Dish soap

Adding soap berry extract as a dish soap ingredient creates an eco-friendly cleanser that will leave your dishware and utensils shiny clean and toxin free. Pure Care has developed a soap berry dish soap that not only includes an extract made with this amazing little berry but an aloe vera extract as well, a gentle, hypoallergenic combination.

We think that soap berries are one of the best, most versatile eco-friendly substances provided by Mother Nature. We hope that you’ll be as delighted by their abilities as we are. If you’ve tried Pure Care’s dish soap already, we’d love to hear from you. If you haven’t yet, give it a try. We’re sure you’ll love it!



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