Staying Active with the Kids When It’s Cold (Brrrr) Outside

Staying Active with the Kids When It’s Cold (Brrrr) Outside

Warm, sunny weather usually calls the kiddos outside, but during cold and rainy weather, it’s tough to keep them active. The good news is that it’s not impossible. Following are a few excellent suggestions that, while they’re theoretically for winter, are fun things to do any day you’re all cooped up inside.

Make it a Game

It’s easy to turn just about any activity into a game. Just turn on the music and get going. Following are some great ideas.

Who can hula hoop for the longest?
Who can pick up the most toys in 5 minutes?
Have a mini dance party, dance-off, or play musical chairs.
Who can do the most push-ups or jumping jacks in a minute?

Visit the Local Skating Rink

If you’re lucky enough to have a skating rink close by (roller or ice skating), it’ll be the perfect place to burn off some pent-up energy. The kids (and you) can try figure skating, hockey, or race around on roller skates, laughing as you do your best not to fall down.

Visit the Local Gym/Fitness Center

Find out if one of your local gyms/fitness centers offers activities for kids (many do). Look into things like indoor swimming, gymnastics, martial arts and dance classes. A lot of family-friendly gyms also offer sports activities for kids like basketball or soccer. Be sure to ask about classes that the entire family can participate in too.

Many communities also have an indoor public pool as well that’s open year round. Those that are new to swimming can take lessons and advanced swimmers can join a swim team to challenge themselves. Most community pools also offer designated family play times as well.

Outdoor Play

Just because the weather’s cold doesn’t mean you need to stay cooped up inside. If the cold isn’t a problem for you or the kids, get the whole family together for some outdoor fun, even if it’s just for an hour or two. Are you lucky enough to have snow in your area? Then go sledding, build a snowman, make
angels in the snow, or let the kids help shovel off the walkway (with supervision). Why not pack up the car with your winter gear and take the family on a play date snowboarding or skiing? This option is sure to please. If you decide to do any of these outdoor activities, make sure that everyone is dressed appropriately.

The kids (and you) might be more inclined to hang out inside, however, these fun winter activities just might be all it takes to get them away from their video games and binge-watching TV. Whatever you decide to do to get your youngsters moving, make sure that you stay active as well, setting a good, healthy example. It’s also important to stay hydrated and eat healthy, not just during the winter months, but throughout the year.

How do you keep your kids active during bad weather? We’d all appreciate your tips.



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