This Is All You Need to Buy for a Cleaner, Chemical Free Home

This Is All You Need to Buy for a Cleaner, Chemical Free Home

Let’s face it, not many people love to clean. Fortunately, there are products that make cleaning less of a hassle. One product in particular that shines above all others is microfiber.

Cleaning professionals and homeowners alike tout the benefits of the abilities microfiber cleaning products. This magnet like material will not only clean just about anything in your home – it will eliminate the need for chemical-laden cleaning products. Using microfiber will also save you money.

What’s Microfiber Made of?

Microfiber can be made of a mix of polyamide (nylon) and polyester or 100% polyester. Microfiber has tiny hooks at the end of each of its fibers that work like magnets to pick up dirt and dust. In other words, instead of just spreading dirt and dust around, it captures it. Microfiber can even pick up germs, reducing bacteria by 99%. The unique makeup of microfiber not only traps and retains the dirt, it also does a great job absorbing liquids. In contrast to cotton, microfiber doesn’t leave lint behind either, making it more effective than other fabrics when it comes to cleaning purposes.

Microfiber Usages

Microfiber is used in many cleaning applications, from car detailing to household cleaning. Thanks to its popularity, you’ll find a wide variety of microfiber cleaning products available that range from clothes to microfiber mops and dusters. Although microfiber products like mops and dusters may cost a bit more than non-microfiber products, they’re actually more economical. Microfiber lasts longer and in most cases, doesn’t require the use retail cleaning solutions. If you do need to use a cleaning solution, choose one that is non-toxic.

No Chemicals Required – You Just Need Water

Did you know that water cleans away more substances than over the counter cleaning products? Just lightly spray warm water on microfiber to clean mirrors and glass for a lint-free, streak-free shine. Have fingerprints on the fridge? How about dog nose prints on your sliding glass door? Dirty floor? Just a spray of warm water and a microfiber cloth mop will get the job done. You can also use a microfiber mop to dry mop the floor in between cleanings. It’s also a good idea to use microfiber to swab down wet sinks and showers. Letting water dry on surfaces makes them harder to clean later on.

How Microfiber Saves Money

Using microfiber saves money in a number of ways. For instance, if you typically use paper towels to clean, using microfiber cloths will save money over time because they’re reusable. Just toss the microfiber cloths in the wash after you use them. You’ll also be able to save money because you won’t need to buy a lot of cleaning products.

Useful Tips

• Use a microfiber mop because it will make cleaning floors easy, quickly picking up dog hair, dust bunnies and more.
• Use a microfiber duster with an extension pole. These products make it easy to clean high, hard to reach places like ceiling fans, walls, the top of kitchen cabinets, etc.
• Buy more microfiber clothes than you believe you’ll need. This way you can wash them regularly and always have clean clothes ready when you need them.
• Avoid using fabric softener when you wash microfiber because it will clog the spaces built into the fibers that trap dirt, dust, and grime.
• When buying microfiber towels, get different colors so you can color code by task and the room you use them in. This way you won’t end up transferring the grease from the kitchen into the living room or bathroom and visa-versa.

With just a few quick swipes of a microfiber cleaning product, you’ll be able to keep everyday smudges, dirt, and dust to a minimum. Even better, grime won’t be able to build up as much, making cleaning less of a massive project.

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There are several cleaning products manufacturers that claim to have products that are nontoxic, having natural ingredients or claim to be environment friendly. However, there is no standard definition for these. Such products could still be toxic and cause irritation to the skin, mouth and eyes if not used properly.

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