Tips That Make Dish Washing Easy, Less Dreary and Yes, Even Enjoyable

Tips That Make Dish Washing Easy, Less Dreary and Yes, Even Enjoyable

The fact of the matter is that as long as you cook, there are going to be dishes to clean and somebody has to do it. So how do you make washing the dishes less dreary and, believe it or not, even enjoyable? The following tips will help.

Start with an Empty Dishwasher or Dish Rack

I can’t think of a single person who enjoys dealing with dirty dishes after they’ve just finished eating a nice dinner. Especially if the dishwasher or rack needs to be unloaded first. As often as possible, make it easier on yourself by ensuring that they’re empty when it comes time to clean up the dinner dishes. This helps avoid the “I’ll just do the dishes later” moment. Been there, done that and there’s nothing worse than waking up to a messy kitchen.

Use the Right Dish Soap

Keep the kitchen smelling like a spa by using a scented dishwashing detergent that you love. If you haven’t tried Pure Care’s natural dish soaps yet, now would be a good time. Lovely spa-like scents include the lightly scented soap berry dish soap that delivers lush, sudsy bubbles.

Keep a Bowl of Sudsy Hot Water Handy

It’s all about “cleaning as you go” in the kitchen and keeping a bowl of sudsy water handy by the sink to a perfect example of efficiency and ease when it comes to dealing with dirty dishes. Just plop dirty kitchen tools and utensils in the sudsy container when you’ve finished with them. This useful tip will not only keep utensils from cluttering up the sink (or falling into the garbage disposal); it’ll also give you a good start on dishwashing.

Keep the Sink Clean and Clutter-Free

Instead of piling all of the dirty dishes in the sink, put them, stacked nicely, on the countertops. All a sink full of dirty dishes will do is give you a reason to putt off doing them because the task looks too overwhelming.

Pamper Your Hands While You Do the Dishes

Treat your hands to a moisturizing experience by putting on some hand cream before you pull on your rubber gloves. Washing or rinsing off your dishes with hot water, along with this moisturizing step will create an intense, soothing moisturizing experience, thanks to the heat from the hot water – nice!

Listen to Music

There’s no reason you can’t “dance it up” while you do the dishes – all you need are your earbuds, an MP4 player, and your favorite tunes. You could also listen to audio books or your favorite “How to” audios. These tips will definitely make washing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen go a lot faster and a lot more fun.

Make it a Team Effort

Dishwashing is a lot more enjoyable and goes a lot faster if it’s a team effort. Your kids, roommate, husband . . . should be invited/bribed/sweet talked into sharing in the dishwashing duties. One to clear the table and stack the dishes on the kitchen counter, one wash/rinse, one to dry and load up the dishwasher, you get the picture.

Remember the Advantages

Remind yourself of how great it feels to walk into a clean kitchen with an empty, sparkling sink. Oh, and don’t forget what a relief it is to have an empty dishwasher handy when it comes time to do the dishes – just typing this sentence makes me feel a sense of relief.



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