Yes, You Really Can Make Household Chores Fun

Yes, You Really Can Make Household Chores Fun

We’ve all been there – the minute you mention cleaning house, the kids start to drag their feet and complain. Instead of getting annoyed and deciding to do the cleaning yourself, keep in mind that chores actually show children that family members need to help each other out. While motivating kids can be challenging, you really can make household chores fun; following some great suggestions.

Choose Chores That Won’t Frustrate Them

The key to making household chores fun for kids is not giving them tasks that are sure to frustrate them because they’re too difficult or lead to messing cleanups. For instance, let them sort out the laundry by colors and add them to the washing machine instead of adding the laundry detergent if they’re younger kids. Try to give them tasks that they can handle so that they’ll feel good about themselves.

Use Kid Friendly Tools

Have tools handy that they can easily use. Instead of having them try to handle a heavy vacuum cleaner, give them a duster (feather, microfiber cloths, etc.). You can also turn socks into kid-friendly dust mitts. There are also cute microfiber hand mitts at some retail stores that they’d get a kick out of using, some that look like animals. Depending on the task, you can also spray a bit of all natural, Pure Care non-toxic all-purpose cleaner on a mitt or dust rag. You could even get creative and have your kids create their own, personalized cleaning caddies, decorating them with drawings, stickers and even adding a bit of bling.

Personalized Chore Lists

Post personal lists of tasks each of your children can do and when they accomplish a chore, have them mark it with a special sticker. The child that earns the most stickers by the end of the week gets a special reward. A little competition is a good thing.

Summer Yard Work

If you have a yard, you probably would love to have help cleaning it up during the summer, especially weeding the garden. Weeding is something kids can definitely help with and you can make it a lot more fun by taking short, “playing in the sprinklers” breaks. Don’t you remember how much fun that was as a kid? It gives everybody a chance to cool off, it waters the yard, and it makes weeding the garden a lot more fun.

Pretend Time

There are so many ways to make doing household chores a lot more fun for kids – especially by using their creative imaginations. Kids are great this way. You can even suggest something and most youngsters will run with the idea. Pretend like you’re all part of a cleaning commercial, part of a “Cleaning the Kitchen” dance party, a famous chef as they play a part in planning or preparing dinner, or that their favorite Disney character is coming to stay for a while.

When children are encouraged to take part in tasks that the family needs help with, their sense of purpose grows. Even though your youngsters might act and say that they don’t want to help, it’s important to remember that everybody likes to feel needed, important and connected to others. Don’t forget that a little praise and encouragement will go a long way.



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