Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Did you know that your kitchen sink is actually dirtier than bathroom bacteria-wise? Kind of gross when you think about it. It makes sense, though. The kitchen sink gets a lot of use, including rinsing dirty dishes, tossing bits and pieces of food down the garbage disposal and the continual rinsing out germ infused, dirty sponges, cleansers, etc. Still, you would think that our bathrooms, where we take care of our very “personal” business, especially the toilet bowl, would be a bacteria magnet. The truth is that several studies have been conducted over the years, some of them by household cleaning product manufacturers that have confirmed that the bacteria levels in bathrooms aren’t as high as other areas of the home. Tests have also shown that the toilet bowl is actually cleaner than the kitchen sink. You may have heard clever comments online or on TV stating that you’d be better off washing your dishes in the toilet than the kitchen sink when it comes to bacteria – but who is going to do that? Instead, just keep your kitchen sink clean and use a good, non-toxic household cleaner. It just doesn’t make sense to add toxins to the mix.


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