Hello and welcome to the online home of Pure Care, your source for premium eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products with a unique aromatherapy effect.    


How the idea was born (my personal story)   

As a mother of two beautiful children, I’ve always looked for ways to improve my family’s health. During my search for ways to protect my family, I discovered naturopathy and enrolled in Naturopathy program. One of the classes we had to take focused on Toxicity. This class was an eye-opener for me as I never realized how many dangerous chemicals can hide in everyday products that are generally recognized as safe. After doing more research I discovered that cleaning products are the leading culprits when it comes to health hazards as they are packed with ingredients that accumulate in our cells and cause a long-term health problems. I also discovered that children are more susceptible to chemicals because their organs and immune systems are not fully developed. This knowledge along with the fact that most people aren’t aware that they’re unknowingly subjecting themselves and their families to toxins through their cleaning products inspired me and Pure Care Home was born.

Our Products
We are a new brand of natural cleaning products that are as pure as they are powerful for household use. We don’t just offer safe and effective alternatives to toxic cleaning products, our all natural, non-toxic cleaning products also provide aromatherapy benefits from pure essential oils as an extra bonus.
Our products are not just effective and safe, they smell amazing as well. We infuse our cleansers with essential oils known for their therapeutic benefits and uplifting spa like aromas.
Professionally Formulated
All our products are developed by professional chemists with extensive experience in the natural products industry. We formulate our products with natural ingredients in compliance with natural product standards such as EPA Design for the Environment (DfE). Our products contain no phthalates, formaldehyde; benzene; parabens; phosphates; chlorine; SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates); ammonia.
Who Our Customers Are
The majority of our customers are people with different types of skin sensitivities, dealing with allergies or asthma, mom’s like me wanting to safeguard their family’s health or people in general who are doing their best to live a healthy lifestyle.
Why We’re Different from Others
We are the only company in the industry to date that has developed all natural, non-toxic cleaning products with aromatherapeutic effects using pure essential oils, without added artificial fragrances. We’re also a customer service focused company (which is rare these days) and your complete satisfaction is important to us. Have any questions? We’d love to hear from you.