- "The Best Dish Soap Ever Made!!!!!!!", Customer Review 

NATURAL YET POWERFUL PLANT-BASED FORMULA: Our non-toxic detergent for hand dishwashing is FREE of sulfates (SLS, SLES), Cocamidopropyl betaine, triclosan, parabens, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, petrol-based thickeners, and dyes. Instead, it is made with a combination of gentle surfactants and soap berry extract to enhance the cleaning power. Our liquid dishwashing soap powerfully cuts through grease and dried-up food in a safe and effective way. 

REFRESHING SCENT: Our natural dishwashing liquid is lightly scented with pure aromatherapy essential oils leaving your kitchen smelling fresh. Say goodbye to chemical-laden synthetic fumes that are linked to allergic reactions, hormonal imbalances, and central nervous system disorders and enjoy the pleasant natural scent, courtesy of Mother Nature. No more toxic chemical fumes and strong synthetic odors left on the dishes after washing!

TOUGH ON GREASE, GENTLE ON HANDS: our non-drying liquid dish soap is enhanced with soap berry and aloe berry extracts that are known for their softening and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Soap berries have recently become a popular natural alternative to toxic ingredients, especially for those with sensitive skin and known allergies to conventional dishwashing detergents. Enjoy clean dishes while keeping your skin allergy free!

SAFE FOR YOUR FAMILY, PETS AND OUR PLANET: All the ingredients we use in our dish soap are biodegradable and septic safe. We love animals and never test on them! Proudly made in the USA.