Pure Care extendable duster is the most convenient and versatile duster you've ever used. It allows you to dust all the hard-to-reach places around your house without dragging a ladder or a step stool. 

Here's what one our customers says

 "I love this , omg why have I not had this before . Besides being stuck in the house B/C of Covid19 I’m cleaning more, this makes it so much easier , with the extended arm (which is not solid it’s hollow aluminum) I can dust my foyer chandelier and the medallion on my high wall . It’s worth the money ."

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3-section telescoping pole

Pure Care extendable duster comes with 3-section telescoping pole that extends to 64 inch to help you reach up to 13 FT

Adgustable angle

Microfiber head rotates and locks at multiple places to make it easy and convenient to dust around your house

Traps and Holds Dust

Millions of micro fibers attract and hold dust instead of spreading it around

Large duster head

20-inch microfiber head covers large area with every swipe cutting dusting time in half

No more standing precariously on chairs or ladders or risk straining any part of your body to clean

hard-to-reach places.

Perfect for cleaning

high ceiling fans, fan blades, ceilings, crown molding, tall corners,

air vent grills, door frames, tall furniture, picture frames

Need to dust lower places around your house?

No problem!

Microfiber head unsnaps from the pole to become a hand duster

Frequently asked questions

What's the best way to clean the duster?

The best way to clean the duster head is to hand wash it in warm water with a mild detergent. Pat it with a towel or a paper towel and let it air dry.

Can I use it wet?

Our microfiber duster is designed to effectively attract and hold dust when used dry. Therefore, we don't recommend using it wet.

Is this really a light weight duster ?

Yes! The duster weighs only 15 ounces.

I have an area between the tub and vanity that is 1.5 inches wide. Will this fit?

Absolutely! The soft fibers flatten allowing the duster to fit in spaces as narrow as 1 inch.


What is the length of the handle when it is collapsed ?

The duster can be folded for convenient storage to the length of 21 inches.


Can the head be bent to any angle, or just 90 degrees?

The locking mechanism allows to adjust the angle and lock the duster at multiple positions.


Would this be a good duster to dust house plants?

Absolutely! The duster is so gentle that it can be used for dusting plants, figurines and any other items that require extra care.


Let our customers speak for us

"I picked this up as my apartment has high ceilings and I saw some dust/cobwebs I wanted to remove. This duster is great - it quickly got the job done and fold down to a much smaller size (vs. it's full extension). It's easy to store in my small apartment and a great addition to my cleaning arsenal. I also enjoy that it can be used in different angles and positions to reach difficult spaces."


"This microfiber duster is just what I needed. It reaches up high enough for my ceiling fan while it locks into place. It can be angled in several directions making dusting easier."

Teressa H.

"Was so excited to get this!!! We just bought our house last May and we have a border wall that surrounds our kitchen and it gets dusty very easily with two kids, a golden retriever dog (that sheds like crazy) and two cats. As soon as I got it I opened the box and dusted my kitchen walls and I’m so very happy!! It makes my job a lot easier now that I don’t have to get the step stool out with a bucket of Soapy water to clean."